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by Wolf. (p8sah fuji)

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This is Just an Intro!
thoroughly heart felt with the sense of adventure! each term (word, phrase, etc.) used, are literal! my music comes from my venting. venting love's 'why?'! ..... my life hasn't been easy.
shit..... life isn't easy! but; it's Ours!
We Only Live Forever, right?
this is for those who agree!

-Wolf. (p8sah fuji)



and you say i've
been all a
looooooone lately!
so tell me what
you expect from me!?

verse :

I don't have no fucks to give now!
fuck all these kids who,
fuck all these grown ups!
they puttin us in cages!
charge it to the game that's;
the way that things change,
i guess.

..... (yeup)

Never really had my childhood!
always felt too grown!
always felt the grain was too fast! (too fast.)
Always felt i had to hold on;
to the things i learned as Youth!


(sinner man)
-- (Jimi Hendrix) --


released October 29, 2015
composer - r. fidere (p8sah fuji)
engineer- Davon Massup (KPO) & r. fidere (p8sah fuji)
vocals - r. fidere (p8sah fuji)
song by - r. fidere (p8sah fuji)
producer- Davon Massup (KPO)


tags: world Savannah


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#PandaWolf Presents: Savannah, Georgia

i just love vibes and people. so, i foster both.

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